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I will use the pages on this site to post information on the merit badges that I am a counselor for.  You can get to the badge pages by following the links on the top of this blog, or under the “Pages” link the the right.  On each page I will have a link to the worksheet for that merit badge on Merit  The full list of worksheets can be found here:  Merit Badge Worksheets.   You can also find worksheets for each rank there, which can be helpful when working through those.

If you want to work on a badge with me let me know, either by talking to me at a meeting or via my contact information on the troop website.   Then approach the Scoutmaster and ask him to sign and open a blue card for you.  Y0u should open a blue card before starting on the badge.   Bring me the card and I will fill out my information, and then we can get started.  After I sign your finished card, you need to go to the Scoutmaster again, for yet another signature!  Then turn in your blue card to the Advancement Chair.  And give yourself a pat on the back!

A few hints:

1.  If the badge is a not an Eagle required badge, you can also go initially to an Assistant Scoutmaster to get a signature to open up the card.  But the final signature should always be the Scoutmaster’s.

2.  Fill a 3 ring binder with baseball card holders and use those to keep track of your blue cards, and other cards and patches you get.  Have one page for blue cards that you are working on, one for completed ones you need to turn in, and one for finished cards.  It is really important to SAVE your portion of the blue cards, as you will need those when (not if!) you reach Eagle.  This binder is also a handy place to save rank cards, chits and chip cards, membership cards, and old rank patches that you take off of your uniform.






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